Ring Main

If it is necessary or desirable to achieve almost instant hot water at the tap (like some hotels) it is a good idea to install a return pipe to the hot water cylinder and circulate the water around this pipe.

This is achieved by the installation of a circulating pump on the end of the flow line close to the hot water cylinder. The hot water is thus drawn around the ring type main and re-enters the hot water cylinder by way of the cold feed. The ring main is passed close by fittings requiring instant hot water and a pipe as short as possible is connected from the fitting to the ring main. It is this short distance that reduces the time it takes for hot water to reach the fitting.

It is a good idea to insulate this ring main hot pipe so that there is little heat loss and the system does not become expensive to operate. At Green Heat Pumps & Solar (Pty) Ltd we have the skilled personnel for installation of the ring main and also maintenance of the ring main. Whether it is for new buildings or for maintenance purposes, engage us for efficient and dependable services.