Refrigeration Repairs & Maintenance

At Green Heat Pumps and Solar (Pty) Ltd we ensure that your products are kept at the optimal temperature. Do you need a commercial refrigeration repair service? We have several years of experience in the refrigeration industry and we can help to repair and maintain your commercial refrigeration systems. Any failure to cold room, freezer, refrigeration packs, or any other commercial refrigeration system, can be very expensive to your business, with potential downtime of production, and the spoilage and waste of hundreds and thousands of rands worth of product.

Our experienced technicians solve Commercial Refrigeration problems every day. From Specification & Design through Supply & Installation to Maintenance & Decommissioning, we have you covered.

Sectors that we serve

  • Hotels & Leisure
  • Bars & Restaurants

  • Butchers & Bakers

  • Food Retail & Food Manufacture

  • Food Processing

  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical