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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are energy efficient heating systems that harness and utilise renewable heat energy from the environment. The heat energy is upgraded, via a refrigeration cycle, producing enough hot water at a high enough temperature to supply a building with heating and hot water.

Heat Pumps Installation

Our heat pumps installation service is available across Cape Town and surrounding areas. We also provide the installation of heat pump systems with under flooring heating or radiators in new and existing, domestic and commercial buildings. Green Heat Pumps & Solar has been involved in the design, procurement, installation and servicing of domestic and commercial heat pumps throughout the Cape Town for more than 5 years, which means that we have a lot of experience and expertise available for you to call on.

Solar Panels

Solar systems are made up of solar panels (modules), a mounting system and an inverter with computerized controller. Solar panels produce DC electricity from sunlight. Then the inverter converts the generated electricity into AC, so that it can be used in the household. The computerized controller manages the solar system and ensures optimal performance. If you want battery backup system or an off-the-grid solar system, a battery is required.

Solar Panel Installations

The most common location for the installation of solar panels (Solar PV) is the roof. Most roofs typically have the desired specifications for the installation. Nevertheless, if installation on the roof is not applicable or desired, the solar panels could also be mounted on the ground. You just need to make sure that there are not objects constraining their access to the sun.

Setting up a solar battery storage at the same time of installing a solar system can save you from worrying about the lack of usable energy during cloudy times, it can also lower the solar storage battery system costs during installation.

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